Problems We Solve

Our services provide value to recruiting teams from almost every industry by leveraging subject matter expertise
to identify your unique recruiting problems, and then addressing these problems quickly and affordably to get results.

Every recruiting department faces unique challenges that affect their business,
but the universal challenges we help our clients overcome include:

“We are a small company in a state of growth and I need to get creative with my budget.”

“Our department is spending too much on agency fees to keep up with our hiring demand.”

“Too much of our recruiting budget is going towards job boards and advertisements with dismal ROI.”

“I’m tired of losing money from annual contracts for resources that aren’t being fully used.”

For a low, flat fee, clients use our service to maximize every recruiting dollar and considerably reduce their department’s cost compared to the typical search firms or RPOs. We provide an on-demand, flexible approach to help clients from every industry find top talent at a low cost.

“I have a ton of open reqs on my plate and my team and I don’t have enough bandwidth to get it done fast enough.”

“We’ve been trying to fill this role for over 3 months and still haven’t found the right fit.”

“Our open role received a TON of applications but there is just no way we can reach out to all of these candidates.”

“We have positions we are continuously hiring for and need to create sufficient pipelines but our team just doesn’t have enough time in the day.”

Time is a recruiter’s most important resource and it is always in short supply. Our clients turn to VRG because we are experts at managing transactional, front-end recruiting activity (sourcing + screening, pipeline building, addressing the pipeline) and building consultative relationships with hiring managers. This allows them to free-up their time for more critical tasks like interviewing, assessing talent, building consultative relationships, and focusing on a great candidate experience.

“We purchased an expensive ATS software and it’s become too much to manage or even utilize.”

“We know there are a ton of sourcing tools and recruitment marketing platforms out there, but we don’t even know where to start.”

“Plain and simple, we’re struggling to reach enough qualified candidates to develop a sufficient pipeline.”

“Our HR team is responsible for more than just hiring and we lack the necessary skill set to effectively find the talent we need.”

Clients turn to VRG to leverage our knowledge of what the best recruiting tools and resources are, and how to use them to their full potential. Whether you already have access to all the top platforms and databases or not, understanding the what-when-why and how to use them is the difference between good and great recruiting. The VRG research team remains experts in the field by continuously evaluating resources that actually yield results.

“We have a lot of old information from potential candidates and we don’t know how to update it.”

“I’m always emailing/InMailing qualified candidates with very little response.”

“These days, it’s no longer difficult to find qualified candidates with the right tools, but I can’t seem to find the best information to contact them.”

“A positive candidate experience is very important to our organization, but we’re struggling to create an awesome experience for every candidate because it requires enormous discipline and effort.”

Whether it’s outdated resumes or old contact information, VRG’s clients look to us to deal with bad data and to improve candidate engagement. Our dedicated research and recruitment teams are experts in finding the right contact information so we can reach out to every qualified passive and active candidate. Do you have a swelling pipeline of qualified candidates that you’re not sure how to engage? We’ll handle it! Don’t let a great candidate get lost in the pool when VRG is here to update their information and connect for an awesome candidate experience.

But, don’t just take our word for it

See what some of our clients had to say about the problems we’ve solved for them…

“I have worked with Velocity over the last few months on several key searches. These were searches that our team was struggling with finding the right talent quickly. Velocity was able to jump start the process, identify solid profiles and in many cases, find the candidate we ended up making an offer to. They are very fast and can change course quickly if the candidates they find in their initial round of sourcing aren’t exactly on track. The service and follow up I received from my main POC was professional, courteous and quick. I would recommend Velocity for their speed, accuracy and persistence. They have a passion for finding good talent and it comes through in every step of the process.”

- Colleen Jones

Talent Acquisition Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb